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‘Life before coaching was spent on auto-pilot mode, with decreased self-awareness and life satisfaction.  Carol’s professional and simultaneously very personal approach, as well as her formal training and background, has helped me engineer a life that I am excited to wake up to, full of ambitious projects, supporting friends and inner harmony. It has allowed me to reconnect with my once buried childhood dreams and peel away any indoctrination that I had succumbed to, that wasn’t serving me. 

I was always a progress driver, never taking a moment to stop and actually listen to what my body was telling me. This meant that even if I was achieving, I wasn’t reaping the awards. I wasn’t satisfied and always en route to a better place. This has changed. I am present, mindful and grateful.’


‘Before starting coaching I was stuck in a rut, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I often had low mood and felt like my life was not going anywhere.  I decided to start coaching with Carol as she came highly recommended. After having an initial consultation with Carol, she was extremely friendly, understanding and patient and I realised I had made the right decision. 

Coaching has helped me to have a more positive outlook on life and it has cleared the fog allowing me to see a clearer idea of how I would like my life to go. Carol has provided me with the tools I need to control stressful situations, so I am able to avoid feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.  I was surprised by how much the small changes you make to your daily lifestyle and habits make a massive difference. Carol helped me to make small manageable changes that built up to make a massive difference to my life.’


'Thank you so much! Carol is a fantastic coach. Her warm style and nature have helped me tremendously.

Carol is so gifted at truly listening and making you feel 100% comfortable as soon as you meet her.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions, which had a combination of insight, patience, and humour! I loved engaging in my creative talents and things that are important to me that I had forgotten about. With a mixture of fun and practical visual moments, Carol guided me to recognise what motivated me and move forward with my exciting ideas at a pace that was good for me.

I have personally found some of the smallest changes have made the biggest difference. Working with Carol and coaching was a very pleasant and illuminating experience. A thoroughly rewarding process and I cannot recommend Carol highly enough. The difference in my wellbeing is amazing! Thanks again Carol. I wish you all the best for the future.'


Carol is so approachable and made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the first session. I have completed the 10-week harmonising well-being course and have found each session so valuable. Carol has opened my eyes to the way I see myself and how that is impacting on the choices I’m making and how I’m living my life.

With deep reflection and embracing the concept of self-love and self-care I feel I am making positive changes already. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Carol to anyone. With her knowledge, questions, support and humour Carol has had a wonderful impact on my life.


Testimonials: Testimonials
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