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“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.”

Elaine MacDonald, Canadian activist.


Do you feel you’re stuck with self-sabotaging habits such as drinking too much and/or overeating?

Are you in a spiral of negative self-talk, which undermines your own confidence?

Do you have a fear of failure, which stops you taking risks in life.

Are you going through a major life change or experiencing a stressful event?

Then you could benefit from working with a life coach.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps you maximise your full potential to reach your desired results by helping you identify your goals:

  1. A life coach helps you to be accountable to yourself because you are answering to another person for your actions, motivating you to stay on track with your goals. 

  2. A life coach encourages you throughout your journey towards change and growth by using a friendly, relaxed approach; one that is supportive and non-judgmental.

  3. By asking the right questions and communicating effectively a life coach can get to the heart of your needs and desires.  

  4. After analysing your current situation, a life coach can identify your limiting beliefs and other potential challenges and obstacles that you may be facing.

  5. Finally,  a life coach can help you devise an action plan to help you achieve specific outcomes in a creative partnership and relationship between you and a coach.

What are the benefits of life coaching?

This depends on the specific goals however, some areas of your life that you hope to improve may include:

Improving relationships and communication skills.

Achieving weight loss and /or fitness goals.

Obtain work/life balance.

Learning to communicate more effectively.

What to expect in a coaching session?

Firstly, we will work together to define your vision.  What is it that truly drives you?  What is the basis of your goal?  Working alongside a life coach you will identify barriers - including limiting beliefs - that might be holding you back. What negative things have you been telling yourself? How have these patterns got in the way and how can you move past them?

You and your life coach will set challenges, yes, but help you identify achievable goals, and your life coach will ensure you move past your limiting beliefs.  Positioning your long and short-term goals against your core values, is a major benefit of this process.

You will decide on the specific steps and when you take them.  You will learn how to cope with potential obstacles with each step you take, ensuring it supports your end goals.  Your life coach will help keep you on track and monitor your progress.  If anything needs modifying your life coach will help you with this.  All this is to help you stay committed and empower you. All this seeks to help you stay committed and to empower you.

What does life coaching not do? 

It is worth being aware that life coaching is not an instant remedy to life’s challenges.

Life coaching does not give you immediate results it takes time and commitment.

Life coaches are not therapists they are trained to ask questions to help you examine your mindset.

Don’t stick with a life coach you don’t feel is a good match for you. We are all different and so are life coaches.

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3 x one hour coaching £175


Materials & exercises

6 x one hour sessions £325


Materials & exercises

6 x one hour sessions £425


Materials & exercises.

Email & texts between sessions

Half hour review

10% discount on future sessions

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