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“Try to harmonize and sing every moment that I can”

Mary Lambert, Singer


Are you tired, anxious, and feeling as if you are not sure what to do next with your life?

I am here to help you 

Harmonising Wellbeing Coaching can help you find the clarity and confidence you need to restore your passion for life. It will help you move forward with energy and drive, becoming more aligned with the positive person you really are.   

The Harmonising Alignment Process is a ten-week programme. It is highly personalised so that it can meet your precise needs to help you heal, energise and transform your life.

Harmonise your life 

Harmonising Alignment was created by life-coach Dawn Breslin, Founder of the Harmonizing Coaching Academy. It seeks to help you discover your natural life path, a lifestyle more in tune with nature and your inner-self. To help you discover what is important in life and how to achieve it. 

The process is a system of lifestyle and well-being coaching that involves deep personal enquiry and lifestyle assessment.  The programme will help you to prioritise your self-care and create the space to need to flourish and grow. We will work together to develop your self-awareness and confidence, inspiring you to live the life you want, motivating you to flourish, build the courage to live fully in a more balanced, sustainable way.

The Harmonising Alignment Process, to be most effective, is a 10-week programme. Before you start, I offer a one-hour session that will tailor this programme to your personal needs.

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Initial 1-hour session £75

10 sessions for £650, payable in 4 instalments 

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